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At Journey Bound Counseling, you can expect to receive comprehensive, high-quality mental health care. Treatment is individualized to each person, so interventions range based on your unique strengths and needs.


All services are built off of regular psychotherapy sessions. Often times, they occur weekly and range from an hour to 90 minutes, depending on the prescribed activity. These psychotherapy sessions create the foundation of trust between us, and provide the space to work on individual treatment goals.


Expeditions and intensives are offered seasonally, and are longer experiences meant to deepen your work through a wholly novel situation. Examples include day hikes and outdoor rock climbing.


Lastly, therapeutic groups and mentorship are intended to build connection between you and others on similar paths. Groups are designed to target specific treatment areas where having a social support network or the opportunity to practice interpersonal skills could be helpful.

A Comprehensive Counseling Program


Individual and family therapy



& intensives


Therapeutic groups and mentorship

Are you a business and the services above don't fit the bill?

I enjoy working with businesses and organizations who are looking to add adventure programming into their world, whether that be a workplace event or a curriculum series. I offer contract packages that meet a wide array of goals and range in length. Regardless of where, when or what, each experience is tailored to your unique organizational strengths and objectives.

Image by Ashim D’Silva
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