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the path of many forks

Amongst the many hidden gems in Washington, there is one that hides in plain sight. It's often only found with the help of another person who has walked the path before. The trail is a simple one, but that does not make it is easy. Rather,  it's quite harrowing for those who venture it unready. Not in its technical demands (again, it is quite straightforward), but in that it requires one to participate wholeheartedly to the experience. In order to traverse it effectively, one must be present, grounded and committed. This is not so dissimilar to the therapeutic journey.

Whether you have found this page because you were guided to it by a therapist, family member or friend (or perhaps because you're the particularly curious sort and stumbled on this by happy accident), welcome. Here you will find resources to deepen your journey, and information on upcoming opportunities to expand it.



An evolving library of therapeutic readings, handouts and (hopefully!) helpful information 

which path is it today?

Forest Road

first time here?

Access to these resources is just one of the many benefits through the Journey Bound subscription. These resources are intended to expand the therapeutic experience for clients who are currently receiving therapy through Journey Bound. Because we're all about building community though, you're invited to join as a supporting member. Being a supporting member gives you access to the information hub, where you will find helpful resources.


This information hub is funded by value-based contributions. Choose how much you are willing to pay, based on your ability to pay and your honest sense of what this community and its mission means to you. If you know nothing about it, feel free to pay a lower amount (or even the $15 minimum). 100% of your donation go to spreading the work and supporting the organization!

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