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The Path

As with every journey, ours will have a start, middle and end. Here’s what a typical experience with Journey Bound can look like.


Every client relationship begins with an intake assessment. We’ll get to know one another, identify what you are coming in for and what you want out of therapy. We work together to come up with a treatment plan based around those goals. I like to think of this stage as the starting of a quest since we lay out a map for the rest of our work together.


Ongoing Psychotherapy

We'll meet regularly for psychotherapy, usually about once a week or so. Appointments involve experiences that have been uniquely created for you. As we go, we review and update your treatment plan to make sure we are on staying true to what matters to you. Along the way, side quests can include psychotherapy groups, mentorship opportunities, overnight intensives and parent coaching sessions for the adults in your life who are trying to help but may need a little support knowing how.


Conclusion of Services

Once we accomplish what we set out to do at the beginning of our quest together, things change. We have less frequent sessions and there may be opportunities for you to volunteer your time to support others as they start their journeys. At the end of our work together, we come up with a meaningful activity that celebrates your growth, which you can invite important people in your life to join in on. Or, if you’d prefer, we can keep it simple and small instead. The choice is yours!

Let's Work


I know lots of people have questions when they start this kind of thing. Let me answer some of the common ones for you.

young adult journaling outside

What kind of things can we do? Can we go surfing? How about shopping? Hiking sounds cool!

Funny, I was just about to ask you that! When we create a treatment plan, there's lots of things we'll think about. An important one is how these activities connect to your therapy goals, since that's why you're here after all! Plus, we'll stick to activities that I feel confident about keeping us as safe as possible in (while knowing that we can't ever make things 'totally safe').

young adult journaling outside
young adult journaling outside

I’ve always wanted to rock climb, but I’m a little nervous. Are these activities safe?

I strive to make every experience as safe as possible, and live by the code of “challenge by choice." That’s why we talk about your comfort level and problem solve around potential concerns that may come up in the moment, before the moment.

young woman climbing in gym

I get your fears, though! I get nervous when trying many new things too (and old ones, too!).

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Can I bring a friend?

Sometimes, yes. Most of our sessions will be between you and I but at times it could be helpful to involve family and friends. If that is the case, let’s talk beforehand and lay out a game plan for why they'd be involved in your treatment.

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two teen girls laughing together
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What exactly do you mean when you say you don't have an office?

That means we won't be meeting at a therapy office. While some appointments happen outdoors, we tend to hunker down during the rainy winter months in gaming cafes, climbing gyms, and other community spaces.

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a person doing a flip on a skateboard

While it might be weird at first, lots of people end up liking this part of Journey Bound. People actually say it turns out to be more comfortable in a lot of ways, and I think it really helps you build connections to spaces you can continue to use long after you accomplish what you’ve set out to do in therapy.

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What about privacy?

Your privacy is just as serious to me as it would be if we were in a therapy office. Naturally though, there are some limitations that come from being outside. We will discuss those at the start of any community work, and adapt plans if either of us are uncomfortable with a privacy concern.

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