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Therapeutic adventure programming is a powerful way to meet the goals of your workplace mission, after school curriculum or community vision. An event by Journey Bound Counseling could be a great addition to your team’s calendar.

therapeutic programming

Ready to infuse some

into your team?

Therapeutic adventure offers an experience that challenges the status quo, redefines the meaning of self-care, improves interpersonal connection, and enhances skill effectiveness that supports change. 
The adventures themselves allow opportunities for participants to observe their progress in real time and deepen their connection to others through shared experience. They are tailored to allow participants to reflect and relate to areas of their lives beyond the experience. Through this proven process, participants build a foundation they can take back to their work, school, or group.

I can meet a wide

array of goals, including: 

- Community-building

- Positive team connection
- Leadership development
- Stress management

- Self-care
- Organizational sustainability 

event package

Regardless of where, when or what, each experience is tailored to your unique organizational strengths and objectives. I manage all the logistics. I handle all the gear. I facilitate the event. That way, you and your team can focus entirely on the experience. 

Complimentary consultation call

Our partnership starts with a free consultation over video conference or coffee to discuss your teams’s objectives and whether therapeutic adventure programming through Journey Bound Counseling could be a good fit.



If you decide to move forward, we will meet to discuss your organizational strengths, needs, and structural considerations. I will provide recommendations for experiences based on your unique team profile. Once you select the experience that best supports your target objective, I will provide a written proposal. In the written proposal, you can expect an outline of the event timeline, intended interventions with descriptions of correlated activities, activity explanations based on target objective, and cost estimate. At this time, you will sign a contract securing the agreed upon cost.



Once a contract is signed, preparation for the experience begins. I will 

      assemble all gear, volunteers, and other resources while you market the

              experience to your team and collect any necessary forms from your

                  team, including liability waivers.

silhouettes of group of climbers on a mountain top



I, alongside a team of contracted staff, will facilitate the group-based therapeutic adventure tailored to your team. During the experience, we balance the needs of both the participant and the group as your team experiences the power of practical application through adventure in a real-life setting. At the end of each experience, we debrief with an engaging reflection to help participants translate learning to other areas of their lives.



A comprehensive aftercare plan is provided to the team. This plan includes measurements to assess objective attainment, relevant follow-up material to further learning, and referral information for continued connection to resources within your local community.

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