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Because each session is uniquely created for you, billing is not as simple as a 60-minute psychotherapy session in the office. Few, if any, insurance carriers cover sessions longer than 53 minutes or the therapist’s investment in your treatment outside of session. That means that the time it takes the therapist to make adventure therapy accessible to you, such as travel and activity planning, goes uncompensated. For those with insurance carriers that do not cover those invaluable treatment-related services, I offer a monthly subscription. Most clients use some combination of insurance benefits and private pay in the form of this monthly subscription to cover the costs of services.


Journey Bound Counseling offers a monthly subscription to cover costs associated with my investment in your care not otherwise recognized by insurance. This includes travel time, gas reimbursement, creative treatment planning, and any costs affiliated with activities in session, including gym passes, gear rentals, and even (small) grocery lists when adventure happens in the cashier’s line. This means as soon as session starts, no matter the location or activity, you don’t have to worry about who’s paying for what. Spoiler alert: It’s the therapist.



 Through our pay-it-forward system, you can feel good about the therapy you are getting, and giving, to others.

I am are committed to making high quality services more accessible. I believe partnership helps make this happen. It is with this in mind that I pledge a portion of all full rate subscriptions to scholarships for clients who could benefit from services but would otherwise go 

     unserved, as well as charitable organizations

        advancing the land rights of the places we

               play at and heal through.

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A little confusing? That’s okay, insurance is complicated.

Let’s walk through a (completely hypothetical, and very accelerated) example:

Meet Bruce Sato, a concerned father who has noticed his teenage daughter is beginning to stress about friendships and avoid classes. He decides to make the call when his daughter, Mija, expressed that the social anxiety had gotten so bad that she wished to drop out of school. After a complementary consultation call with Journey Bound Counseling to discuss services, Bruce decides this could be a good fit.

Week 1: Bruce pays the adventure subscription at the beginning of the month for the adventure subscription. I then schedule an intake appointment at the home and a first ongoing appointment later that week at a nearby park. At the time of the intake appointment and every appointment thereafter, Bruce pays the copay as defined by his insurance for outpatient therapy by an in-network provider. During our first ongoing therapy session, Mija and I talk about Mija's fears behind her social anxiety, all while walking around the park. I remember Mija’s love for cupcakes, an odd but valuable piece of information gathered at the time of intake, and suggest we meet in front of a local bakery across the street next session with her treatment goal in mind.


Week 2: Early next week, Bruce calls me to discuss how he could support at home. I set up a parent coaching session via telehealth for convenience during Bruce's workday while Mija is at school. Mija also meets for her usual therapy time that week in front of the bakery where we continue to discuss exposure, develop skills, and prepare for the "adventure." 


Week 3: Mija meets for therapy at the bakery where we practice entering the bakery and I order a cupcake, as discussed in a previous session. When it comes to pay for the cupcake, I pull out my card. While Mija eats her cupcake, we discuss her interest in joining the psychotherapy group for adolescent girls with social anxiety I facilitate at the local climbing gym.  We meet up the next night for the group, and I pay for the gear rentals and day pass for Mija to attend the group. 


Week 4: Mija expresses readiness to practice the next step: purchasing a cupcake that she ordered through a phone app. Once accomplished, Mija is feeling really confident having done this with less anxiety than expected, and I want to reinforce this new neural connection through an additional appointment later that week. The next session we go in and up the ante: deciding on which cupcakes to buy on the spot for Mija's family members (including her “hard to buy for” dad!). Again, I hand the cashier my own card, no questions asked. 

Week 5: Mija meets for her usual therapy session at the park, where they reflect on the adventure from the previous week and discuss next steps to pursue Mija's goal to address her social anxiety. At the psychotherapy group the next day, Mija shares about her adventure with the other girls while climbing.  

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Therapy @2P

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Group @ 6P

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